The Latest Accessibility Features of El Capitan

OS X El CapitanThere are a variety of accessibility features built in to the Mac El Capitan operating system, making it as easy to use as possible for people with a wide variety of needs. This blog post shall introduce some of these features. By becoming aware of what assistance that is offered, and how it can help you as you use your device day to day, you may find that your device becomes much easier to use than it had previously been.



This is a feature that has been designed by Apple to help users with visibility issues to navigate there screen. Voice Over is a built in screen reader that will read aloud text found in webpages, documents and windows.


Zoom content on the screen

If you find that there are parts of the screen that are too small, making them difficult to read or operate, then this feature is perfect for you. It allows you to zoom in to a particular area of your screen, seeing it in a magnification that you can set to your own preference.


Sticky Keys

This feature enables the user to enter key combinations without pressing more than one key at a time. This allows users with limited mobility to easily make use of the shortcut keys that are inbuilt in the operating system.


Mouse Keys

This feature allows you to use your computer’s keyboard, or a numeric keypad, to control the on screen pointer. This removes the need to use a mouse or touchpad, and can be a great help for people with fine motor difficulties.


Enhanced Dictation

This feature allows you to open pages, choose menu items and more using vocal commands. You can also add your own commands to carry out tasks that you frequently make automatically.


Text to speech

This feature reads back on screen text in dialogue and alert messages.


Keyboard, mouse and trackpad customisations

The mac operating system allows you to customise many elements of how you interact with your computer. For example you can adapt how quickly the cursor moves when you use the trackpad.

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