Breakthrough on VAT

Breakthrough on VAT - Ian LitterickThanks to a ruling by HMRC, thousands of assistive technology systems will be free of VAT. Previously, only desktop systems with a processor, keyboard and monitor are available to be zero-rated. Mobile phones and computers will be zero-rated for VAT if they are preloaded with assistive technology software which is designed solely for the use of disabled people, says HMRC. This decision has been made following lengthy discussions with HMRC and a VAT tribunal that found in favour of iansyst Chairman and BATA council member, Ian Litterick (pictured left).

During the tribunal, iansyst argued that our assistive technology literacy support app, CapturaTalk, supplied with a smartphone was designed purely for people with disabilities and therefore should be zero-rated.

More information about the breakthrough on VAT can be found on the British Assistive Technology Association’s News Page.

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