Product Focus: The Whitworth Chair

iansyst’s Ergonomic Service supports both students and employees in their working environment. Ergonomic equipment, such as height-adjustable desks or specialist keyboards, can help to correct poor posture or support disabled individuals who require a different way of working.

The Whitworth Chair is one of our best-selling ergonomic chairs and has the following features as standard:

  • 4D Armrests (allows the user to adjust the height, width, tilt and forward/backward movement)
  • Height and depth adjustable neckrest
  • Air core seat
  • Inflatable lumbar support (can be inflated or deflated to support the lumbar curve)
  • Memory foam back and seat (reduces pressure and helps to aid circulation)
  • 3 lever independent mechanism
  • Height and angle adjustable backrest
  • Seat tilt with tension control
  • Seat slide (allows the user to adjust the level or under-thigh support. This should be approximately 30-40mm between the front of the seat and the back of the user’s knees)
  • 2 different seat depth settings for extra adjustment

The Whitworth Chair is one of iansyst's best-selling ergonomic chairs.

For increased support and comfort, the following optional extras are also available:

  • Coccyx cut-out (a small gap which helps to avoid pressure on the coccyx, allowing it to hang over the back of the chair)
  • Reactive lumbar support (allows movement and provides flexibility)
  • Inflatable thoracic support (can be inflated or deflated to support the thorax)

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