Introducing the Aluforce Pro range of height adjustable desks

Having the appropriate ergonomic equipment, such as height adjustable desks or ergonomic chairs, is so important for students and employees who spend long periods of time working at a desk.

Height adjustable desks can help tackle the common issue of sitting in the same position all day and allow you to go from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. This helps prevent issues such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) or awkward postures from occurring. Desks that can be adjusted are also a vital piece of equipment for those with disabilities as sometimes the user will require to sit or stand from a different height.


What is the Aluforce Pro height adjustable desk?

The Aluforce Pro range of ergonomic desks from Actiforce is available for both DSA students and employees in the workplace who need an alternative way of accessing their computer. The desks are high-quality aluminium systems which allow the user to go from sitting to standing at the press of a button.

Aluforce Pro Height Adjustable Desks

The Aluforce Pro 140 desk has an adjustable height of 700mm to 1170mm and an adjustable width of 1100mm to 1700mm. Having both an adjustable height and width is incredibly useful for those who use specialist equipment and need a little more space.

The Aluforce Pro 251 desk has an additional leg for increased room and comfort. It has an adjustable height of 630mm to 1280mm, a main width adjustment of 1180mm to 1700mm and an extension width adjustment of 1200mm to 1400mm.


What other ergonomic equipment and services can iansyst provide?

iansyst provide a whole service dedicated to ergonomics for both students and employees. From ergonomic assessments to providing ergonomic equipment and support, we can work with organisations of all sizes to provide an inclusive environment. To find out more about iansyst’s ergonomic service, please follow this link >>


We are currently offering a free of charge seating assessment. To book your ergonomic assessment, please follow this link and fill in the online form >>

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