iansyst’s Balloons Launched!

iansyst has sponsored 6 balloons in the Shine Charity Benny Bear’s New Year Virtual Balloon Race – see Benny Bear’s New Year Virtual Balloon Race . iansyst teams strategised over balloon thickness, shape and helium content. The iansyst Build & Repairs team went with the thinnest rubber at just 0.5mm, with the iansyst Purchasing Team going for the thickest at 0.95mm. The iansyst Training team have by far the lowest helium content with just 1.8 litres (will they regret this?) and the iansyst Quotes & Family team are hoping to win with 4.8 litres. It is very cold and windy; which team’s strategy will enable their balloon to travel the furthest?

The balloons launched from New York this morning at 12:00am & we’ll be keeping a close eye on them on www.shineballoonrace.com as the race progresses!

The iansyst team

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