Benny Bear’s Balloon Race has finished – so how did we do?

Shine’s Charity Benny Bear’s New Year Virtual Balloon Race is over and we hope plenty of funds were raised for this great cause. The iansyst teams have enjoyed tracking their balloons over the week and hope everyone else has enjoyed tracking theirs!

We had our Quotes Team’s balloon pop very early on after only 8 miles (too much helium perhaps?). The next two to pop were the Purchasing and Customer Services balloons, having travelled 266 and 279 miles respectively. We had three balloons remaining in the race to the end, with the Build & Repairs Team balloon proving to be a clear winner with their choice of 4.0 litres of helium and the thinnest rubber thickness at 0.5mm, travelling a massive 901.68 miles! Technical Support’s balloon was iansyst’s next best travelling 562 miles, closely followed by Training Admin at 532 miles.

The balloon which travelled the furthest distance overall in the race travelled for 1200.31 miles so congratulations to the winner!

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