Statement from iansyst

iansyst does not believe that it is possible to run a viable business supplying equipment to the English DSA at current pricing levels. The three quotes, lowest price system has, predictably, driven prices down to well below the level at which disabled students can be properly supplied and supported for the duration of their courses. Even BIS civil servants appeared to acknowledge this over a year ago. In the last five years ATSPs have had promises of improvements from SLC, BIS and DfE, even from the then Minister, but to no result as yet. We do not believe that that this market failure will change in the next few weeks, thanks to Brexit, the election, and changes of staff and policy at the DfE. Meanwhile dedicated ATSPs continue to provide a good service despite the unsustainable economics.

Therefore from 3rd May iansyst will put our DSA pricing back to sustainable levels whilst still offering excellent value for money.  This may mean that we will not win DSA SFE English orders, though we would ask assessors who value our expertise, team and services to continue to recommend us as they feel appropriate and help us to place quality and service at the centre of the disabled student provision again.

We will also publish our prices for DSA products. Many of these prices are already on our eCommerce site  We know that the others of the remaining 9 ATSPs who are active in England (until recently there were 20) are equally concerned to make their DSA equipment businesses viable. ATSPs appear united that we want to agree a fair, transparent, independently regulated, menu based pricing system with DfE, which would also save large amounts of duplicated time, money and resources in processing quotes.

iansyst has many customers and our eCommerce, education, workplace and training businesses will continue as normal.


Ian Litterick

Executive Chairman

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